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Installing New Gutters w/RainDrop™ Pro Gutter Guards in Windsor Locks, CT

Installing New Gutters w/RainDrop™ Pro Gutter Guards in Windsor Locks, CT

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Installing New Gutters w/RainDrop™ Pro Gutter Guards in Windsor Locks, CT Installing New Gutters w/RainDrop™ Pro Gutter Guards in Windsor Locks, CT

This homeowner called us because he was tired of cleaning out his old, inefficient gutters far too often. The gutters on his home were old, rusted and warped, which only made the issue that much more of a priority to him. It was time to try something new!

Our Estimator met with the homeowner, carefully examined the existing gutters and quickly decided the best solution was to install all new seamless gutters, complete with RainDrop™ Pro Gutter Guards to prevent the gutters from becoming clogged in the future. Upon completion of this job, the homeowner was extremely happy and very excited that his new gutter system didn't only improve the appearance of his home but is also practically worry and maintenance free!

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Klaus Roofing Systems by Fogarty's Home Services offers free estimates on roofing, gutters, and attic insulation in Windsor Locks, CT and surrounding areas. With your project done "The Klaus Roofing Way," you can expect high-performance roofing systems, superior workmanship, consistent communication, courteous service, and property protection.

Whether you need roof repair, roof replacement, gutter guards, gutter installation, or attic insulation, we offer quality materials and workmanship you can trust. Contact us today to schedule your free evaluation and estimate.

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  • Gutter Guards
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Job Stories From Windsor Locks, CT
Replacing Gutters and Down Spouts in Windsor Locks, CT

This homeowner called because she needed gutters and down spouts replaced. She said damage from a windstorm caused a gutter on the front to come off and a gutter on the back of the home is hanging and down spouts need replacing.

When our Estimator went for his evaluation, he met with the homeowner and she showed him what she described over the phone with our Appointment Center Coordinator. Our Estimator determined the best solution for this issue would be a full removal of the current gutters and replacement with Seamless Gutters with RainDrop™ Gutter Protection from all weather and debris on the main home as well as the garage. We also proposed that we complete the job by replacing all of the down spouts on the home and garage as well. This total replacement would fix the damage done by the windstorm and effectively protect from future damage. 

Remove and Replace Damaged, Leaky Roof in Windsor Locks, CT


These homeowners were a referral to us. Wife's father (business acquaintance) called us because his daughter just bought a home from her grandfather's estate. The roof was 25-30 years old and had a lot of mold. Our Appointment Center called these homeowners and set an appointment for One of our Estimators to meet with them and discuss options.


Our Estimator met with the homeowners and quickly determined the roof was old, damaged and leaking in several different areas. This home would be best served with a full roof replacement. 

This home was a 1400 sq. ft. Ranch-Style home with a garage and shed as well. We would need to completely remove the existing roof from home, garage and shed, and replace with all new roofing material.  Replacement materials to include: CDX™ Replacement Roofing Plywood, IKO GoldShield™ Ice & Water, MFM™ Roof Deck Seam Tape, IKO RoofGuard™ Synthetic Underlayment, ACM™ Aluminum Drip Edge, Perma Boot™ Pipe Flashing, Bathroom Exhaust Vent w/Flashing, IKO Leading Edge™ Starter Shingles, IKO Dynasty AR™ Shingles - Architectural Allergen Resistant 3 Layer Shingles, IKO™ Hip and Ridge Cap Shingles, TriBuilt OmniRidge Pro™ Ridge Vent, Lead Chimney Flashing, Mortar for Chimney Flashing. Quote always includes careful cleanup and dumpster/disposal.

Installing Gutters with Rain Drop in Windsor Locks, CT

This homeowner called us for a Roofing Estimator to come and look at their old gutters. We got the information about the location, concern, and other details to get them scheduled!

When the Roofing Estimator got to this home, they introduced themselves to the homeowner and told them all about our company. It was important to show the homeowner who we are, and the network we are a part of to build trust while we were inside their homes! We sat down with the homeowner and asked them some questions about their home. We asked more about their old gutters, how long they had them for, or if they had any other concerns not mentioned yet. Once we finish the survey, we can get to our inspection.

We start our inspection in the attic. Since the attic directly effects the roof and gutters, we need to make sure we do an attic inspection before heading outside. This helps us to see if there is anything happening inside that actually is creating concern, in this case with their gutters!

Next, we get to our roof and gutters inspection. We make sure to check for any and all things that could be of concern; old shingles, water damage, ridge vents, skylights, and lots more. Now we take a look at the gutters. As the customer mentioned, these gutters were very old, and lots of debris kept getting stuck inside them which can cause lots of damage to your roof, and home over time.

Then, we go back inside with the homeowner and propose the work to them, which they decide to move forward with! We make sure to spend time with the Installation crew and explain to them exactly what we found, and going through the process used to install the work. When the installation team gets to the job in their red Klaus Roofing by Fogarty's Home Services shirts, they prep the yard and house to protect the homeowners property. Now, they can get to work. We remove the old, weathered gutters that were creating issues for the homeowner. Next, we install our brand new beautiful gutter system, then we install our RainDrop gutter protection system to protect the gutters from debris this time! It will not allow leaves, sticks, and other material get stuck inside the gutters from now on! Thanks to Klaus Roofing by Fogarty's Home Services, this homeowner has brand new efficient gutters and a gutter protection system!


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